Presidential Executive Order: A Historic Victory, the Work for Justice Continues (updated with photos)


Leaders of Asamblea de Derechos Civiles de Minnesota stand united, pleased for President Obama’s executive action that will be announced later tonight and frustrated that this action comes too little too late.

As a people of of faith, Asamblea leaders urge congressional leaders to stand with President Obama and to pass a just and comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

Asamblea leaders recognize that this action is only a bandage, not a cure for the unjust immigration system.There is so much work left to do.

They also urge all immigrant communities, including the Latino community, to stay vigilant.

“Our work is not done yet,” says Pablo Tapia, Asamblea co-founder and organizer. “Our work is just beginning. Though we have tirelessly worked for comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for too many years, we must be prepared to continue to fight on. For a pathway to citizenship and a just immigration system, for worker’s justice, for the well-being of our communities, and for the Emancipation of all immigrant peoples.”

Asamblea co-founder and organizer Antonia Alvarez was in Nevada to hear the President’s announcement. She took the time to thank President Obama, but reminded him that we all need to work to free all immigrant peoples. You can see photos from that event below. Thank you to our partners at Gamaliel for use of many of these photos.

You can also follow the link here to find out more information about the President’s executive order.


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