Our Mission

La Asamblea, as an organization of faith, takes social responsibility in establishing a structure of power with cultural discipline and a just conscience of our Latino community, that can influence the political process in accordance with our values, principles, and interests.

La Asamblea will cultivate leaders through transformational trainings and mentorship programs, tools that we will use to carry out our plans, strategies and actions directed by our base and with the mentorship of experienced leaders that will assure that our future generations continue this work for social justice.

La Asamblea believes in intelligent alliances and we will find local and national allies that share a similar vision of La Asamblea where we recognize that the organization works with the people and not the people for the organization.

Our Vision

La Asamblea de Derechos Civiles de Minnesota is an organization that has grown within our churches to change our community person to person and to invite them to act in collective power inspired by the gospel in which we transform through action to change the politics that affect the destiny of our community.

We believe in Emancipation which is the transformation of community, society, and the system for the liberation of immigrant people, a people in struggle.