Voter Engagement


As part of our work to build justice for Latino communities, Asamblea has always committed to engaging Latinos, voters or not, in local, state, and national elections. 

Because of this commitment, we have registered voters, organized debates and candidate forums, and visited dozens of Latino communities to ensure that the Latino people are voting and speaking with their neighbors, too. 

We have always believed that the Latino vote is the deciding vote and, because of this, we are committed to ensuring powerful Latino voter turnout. 

Immigrant Justice


Emancipation is the transformation of community, society, and the system for the liberation of immigrant people, a people in struggle.

Asamblea envisions a world in which immigrant communities are liberated. Because of this, we organize around the many issues of injustice facing our communities and others. 
We fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship, driver’s licenses for all, the end to racial profiling practices by the police, and for our children in order that their future be better. 

Housing & Transit


Over the past several years, Asamblea has worked to organize Latino communities, including resident children, and others around affordable housing. Most recently, this includes Lowry Grove in St. Anthony.

Asamblea leaders also organize around transit equity working with Latino communities to ensure their voices are heard when new transitways are being developed to and to guarantee that the Latino community benefits fully from new transit development.